You can have a contract sent to you to sign.

You can also print the contract and send it to the fund.

We then send your employer a copy of the contract.

Private pension saving is an important opportunity which all wage earners should consider.

Two investment portfolios

The Fund offers two investment options

  • Assets mainly invested in securities, along with assets of the obligatory pension fund
  • Assets solely invested in national deposits

Private pension is the best savings option

  • Private pension is the best way to increase your old age pension.
  • The tax incentive is obvious: up to 4% contribution of wages is tax free and in addition, employees receive 2% contribution from the employer.
  • Private pension accounts are not subject to investment income tax.
  • Private pension accounts are not declared as assets in your income tax return, and so they do not affect payments of interest benefits on housing loans, nor of child benefit.
  • Private pension is exempt from creditors and therefore is not subject to attachment in cases of financial troubles or insolvency.
  • Pension payments are subject to income tax in the same way as earned income. All individual taxpayers are entitled to a personal tax card which reduces income tax.