Disability pensions

You are entitled to a disability pension if your work capacity is reduced due to illness or accident and this reduction is assessed as at least 50% by the fund's medical officer.

The Act on Mandatory Guarantee of Pension Rights and Operation of Pension Funds lays down the basic rules of disability pensions. Furthermore, it provides for each pension fund to adopt more detailed rules in its Articles. The rules can vary somewhat from one fund to another. LV's Articles of Association include rules on disability pensions, the requirements for a disability pension and how it is calculated.

When am I entitled to a disability pension?

You must be younger than 67 years of age and have paid contributions to a pension fund for a total of at least 24 months prior to your loss of capacity. Loss of capacity refers to the accident or illness which resulted in the reduction to your capacity for work. Your entitlement to a disability pension is not cancelled even if you cease to pay contributions. This applies only if you have suffered a loss of income due to the loss of capacity. Your entitlement is then based on the credits you have already earned.

In other words:

  • you are incapable of doing the work which made you a member of the pension fund
  • your disability is assessed as at least 50%
  • you have suffered a loss of income due to the disability
  • the disability must have lasted more than 6 months.

Residence outside of Iceland

Those who are receiving disability pension must send the pension fund a copy of their latest tax return instead of the life certificate. The tax return must be sent before October 15th every year, otherwise the pension payments will stop from November 1st the same year.

Who do I contact if I have contributed to more than one pension fund?

As a general rule, you apply for a disability pension from the fund to which you most recently contributed prior to your loss of capacity. If you have paid contributions to more than one fund in the last three years prior to your loss of capacity the extrapolated entitlement may be divided between funds.