Collection of Loan Payments

Notice of the next payment date of the loan is sent out two weeks before the due date.

Loan payments must be made on due date. Penalty interest is charged from the due date.

Collection procedure

Notice sent at least 7 days before due date.
Reminder sent 20 days after due date, demanding payment within 14 days.
Second reminder sent 40 days after the due date, if the reminder has been ignored. The second reminder demands payment within 14 days. Owner of the property if other than the borrower will also get a reminder.
Final reminder sent 60 days after due date. Owner of the property if other than the borrower will also get a reminder.
Sent to a lawyer for collection 90 days after due date.

Once a year a letter with a value of a loan is sent to the owner of the property, if other than the borrower according to act 32/2009.

Cost because of collection

Bills are not sent out, unless the borrower request it.

Reminder  240 kr.
 Second reminder  240 kr.
 Final reminder  240 kr.

Loan payment service

Banks offer payment services which are convenient for payment of loans and other regular expenditure.

The person who has taken the loan makes an agreement with his/her bank for regular payments. This has several advantages for the client:

  1. Fluctuations in payments over the year are balanced out.
  2. No late payments and penalty costs.
  3. No bills in the post.
  4. A better overview of expenditure.

Contact your bank for more information on payment services,
or send us an e-mail and we will advise you.