Documents to be submitted

  1. New statement of mortgages on the property (veðbókarvottorð) stamped by the District Commissioner's Office (sýslumaður). Note that a summary of mortgages (veðbandayfirlit) is not equivalent.  New statement of the balance payable on existing loans, or most recent receipts for payments.
  2. Copy of deeds with collateral in the property (tryggingarbréfum sem hvíla á eigninni).
  3. Copy of registered contract of sale (þinglýstur kaupsamningur), if the property has changed ownership in the past three years.
  4. Assessment from a certified real estate agent (löggiltur fasteignasali). (In consultation with the fund's staff)
  5. Certificate of building insurance, if the property is under construction.
  6. Permit for mortgage (veðleyfi) from the registered owners of the property.
  7. Signed declaration (yfirlýsing/ábending) of the person/persons granting the permit for mortgage.