Division of entitlement between couples

Married couples and co-habiting couples can conclude an agreement to divide their earned entitlement and future entitlement. An agreement on dividing pension payments can also be concluded after persons begin drawing their pension.

The division of entitlement must be reciprocal, i.e. your spouse must grant you the same proportion of his/her entitlement. For this reason both persons must divide their entitlements. You can assign up to half of your pension entitlement to your spouse.

Division of entitlement earned

An agreement on division of entitlement earned must be concluded before the elder spouse reaches age 65. After the division, the retirement pension entitlement of both persons are independent and each of them receives a lifelong retirement pension.

Division of future entitlement

This involves the division of the retirement pension entitlement earned after the conclusion of the agreement and until the marriage, cohabitation or partnership ends.

  • Future entitlement (that you will earn in the coming years)
  • Is cancelled upon divorce or separation