LV - the Pension Fund of Commerce

Established in 1956

The fund’s purpose is to ensure members and their families against loss of income in retirement or due to disability by providing retirement and disability pensions and, in the case of death, spouse’s and child’s pensions.

Application Forms

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Earning pension entitlement

Your contributions create a valuable entitlement to a life-long pension, as well as disability pension, spouse's and child's pensions, which provides significant insurance coverage for you and your family when faced by misfortune or setbacks during your life.


Payment of

The normal age to begin drawing a pension is 67 years. You can begin drawing your pension at age 65 years, or postpone it until 70 years of age; the amount of pension then decreases or increases, as the case may be. Personal pension savings are free for withdrawal from age 60. All pension payments are subject to income tax when drawn, just like other wage income.



Fund members are entitled to a loan to finance real estate for their family or other long-term financing and re-financing of older loans. Members' loans are real estate mortgages, granted on the basis of the Consumer Mortgage Act.